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A beautiful smile starts with excellent oral health. Our staff will take a holistic look at your dental needs to determine the best course of treatment. Our practice boasts the latest dental technology, including a digital scanner to create impressions (no more messy molds!), and an in-house dental lab.

With over 40 years in the dental industry, Dr. Ingber continues to provide the best in dental care in the Waterford and Pontiac areas of Michigan. Along with his son and a large professional staff, he and his team are committed to providing the absolute best care when it comes to the oral health of families. Start taking control of your family’s dental needs today by visiting Metropolitan Dental Center.

Protect Your Beautiful Smile

While we offer many specialized treatments, family dentistry is the life of our business and something we take just as seriously as the more niche procedures we offer. We keep a clean facility with state-of-the-art equipment in a friendly atmosphere. We’re conveniently located, and we can perform a wide range of procedures right here at the office. We use the best practices in our dental office, and we are HIPPA and OSHA compliant.  Some our dental services include:

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Root Canals

Every tooth has its own nerve, it’s why you can feel it when you take a bite of really cold ice cream. The nerve is in the very center of the tooth, surrounded by dental pulp which holds the arteries and blood vessels. The nerve and the blood vessels give the tooth its vitality. You can look at each tooth like you would an organ. Without a healthy nerve, the tooth will be in bad shape the same way your heart or lungs would be. If the nerve in your tooth dies, you have two options – have the tooth removed, or to have a root canal. 

With a root canal, you don’t have to have the tooth removed. Instead, the infected nerve tissue is removed. Dr. Ingber will replace the removed nerve tissue with suitable material, eliminating the pain and allowing you to keep the tooth. This keeps the tooth anchored in the bone and allows us to put a crown on it, restoring the tooth. If you had the tooth removed and wanted it replaced later in live, that would require either a dental implant or a bridge. Instead, keeping the tooth through a root canal requires only a crown to restore it. 

You may have heard some scary things about root canals. However, when treated early, root canals are a simple and relatively painless procedure. The pain comes when you wait longer and longer to get the root canal, either from ignoring the issue or out of anxiety for getting a dental procedure. The longer you wait, the further the infection will grow. The longer an infection has to grow, the more resistant it will be to the numbing effects of Novocain, and the more painful the procedure gets. If you wait too long, the simple fix becomes more complex and painful. So, if you want your root canal to go smoothly, it’s important to have it done as soon as possible. Having regular checkups with Dr. Ingber will ensure that the problem is caught before the infection grows too much. This way, we can perform a root canal early to address the problem, resulting in a better solution and less pain. 


Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth or teeth? Whether you lost the tooth or you were born without it, it doesn’t have to stay that way for good. We can put in a dental implant for you and replace the tooth or teeth you’re missing. Dental implants are a strong and reliable solution to missing teeth. They’re made from titanium metal and are implanted into the bone for a firm root.  

When dental implants are put in, they are essentially screwed into the jawbone much in the way a traditional screw is put into wood. However, Dr. Zeevi will use his expertise and experience to find the correct spot in the bone to implant your new tooth. This is important, as finding the correct spot allows for the bone to grow around the screw and keep the implant more solidly in place. 

This may sound like a painful procedure from that explanation, but it’s not. Using a local anesthetic, we can perform dental implants right here in our office – no need to go to a separate facility. Once we have placed the dental implant, we’ll give you instructions on how and how long to let it heal so that it turns out as perfectly as possible. You cannot put pressure on a dental implant while it is still healing, as that will cause pain and can affect the positioning of the implant. In some cases, we put a temporary crown on the implant for cosmetic purposes as it heals.  

Another use for dental implants is to improve the quality and usefulness of dentures. Dentures that are secured with putty during each use aren’t as strong and reliable as implant-supported dentures. Using multiple dental implants as anchors, implant-supported dentures are stronger and more comfortable. We routinely see the amazement of our patients who have switched over to implant-supported dentures, they can’t believe how much more reliable and natural looking their dentures are. 

At Metropolitan Dental Center, we have the equipment and the experts to provide a wide range of dental services that not all dentist’s offices can match. In fact, our periodontist provides periodontal care like dental implants right here in the office.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits of periodontal care with quality staff, we encourage you to book an appointment at Metropolitan Dental Center in Waterford, Michigan. Contact Dr. Ingber today at (248) 674-0418 and schedule a visit at 4664 West Walton Boulevard. 


Many people have an impression that dentures are uncomfortable and unnatural looking. This is what happens when dentures don’t fit well. You may have even seen ill-fitting dentures, which could put you off from getting them yourself. But the dentures from Metropolitan Dental Center are different. Dr. Ingber takes a neuromuscular approach to dentures which makes sure they fit perfectly, eliminating the issue of discomfort and the unnatural look to them. We start with a mold of your teeth to custom fit the dentures to them. We also take into account the nature of your bite, which affects the look of your dentures as well. Custom fitted dentures are unrecognizable compared to the ill-fitting ones that you may be thinking of. Our patients are amazed by how comfortable and natural our dentures turn out. 

Dr. Ingber has spent years creating dentures for patients and has had much success throughout his career using the neuromuscular approach to dentures. There is no match to this technique when it comes to dentures. In fact, neuromuscular dentures are referred to as the Fountain Of Youth dentures. This is not just because they create a beautiful, white smile, but also because they restore structure to the face that was lost with missing teeth, which can smooth out wrinkles in the face. 

We don’t just focus on appearance when making our dentures at Metropolitan Dental Center. We also focus on function, as you need to be able to trust them when eating and drinking.  

To ensure strong functionality in our dentures, we recommend implant-supported dentures. When you have dental implants to anchor your dentures, the dentures can be ‘snapped’ into place where they will stay with strong support. The result is a set of dentures that look beautiful, feel comfortable, and are reliable throughout the day. 

If you want a high quality set of dentures that look incredible and fit perfectly, then get in touch with Metropolitan Dental Center today to schedule a consultation appointment and get started fabricating the best set of dentures you’ve ever owned! 


Emergency Dentistry

Emergencies are something you can only plan for so well, so you want to know you have someone ready to help if you have an emergency. At Metropolitan Dental Center, Dr. Ingber provides emergency care, so that patients who require emergency dental care during office hours can be seen as soon as possible. Dr. Ingber has assisted in many emergency situations throughout his career, so he has the experience to stay focused and steady to quickly find a solution to your emergency. 

Toothaches are a common dental emergency, but there can be more extensive emergencies as well. Injuries can cause loose or broken teeth, which require immediate attention. Dr. Ingber has seen everything from a child falling from a bike to an adult who was hit with a hockey puck, and he has treated them all over his decades of dental practice. Plus, Metropolitan Dental Center has a wide range of specialists in all areas of dental care, making us the best choice for emergency care as we can provide many kinds of dental care as needed. 

Not only do we have the experts here, but Dr. Ingber has multiple connections that can help in situations that require more attention. He is an on-staff dentist at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, one of the only hospitals around that has a dental clinic and American Dental Association approved residency program. This allows Dr. Ingber to provide emergency room care in the case of trauma and serious dental injuries. In addition to being a staff member, Dr. Ingber is also an instructor at the hospital’s in-house dental residency. This gives him the ability to make arrangements for both children and adults to receive dental care at the hospital in an emergency room setting. 

Metropolitan Dental Center is able to provide the best in dental care outside of regular office hours, from extractions to urgent root canal treatments. Most dental offices in the area can’t coordinate this kind of service for their patients, which is what makes our dental practice unique and effective! 

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call Dr. Ingber at Metropolitan Dental Center at (248) 674-0418. We will provide treatment as soon as possible. The staff at Metropolitan Dental Center is concerned about your oral health and want to ensure the best emergency treatment possible. 


Fillings are essential to stop cavities in their tracks and keep them from growing larger. But with the traditional amalgam “silver” fillings, they can often be seen when someone smiles or laughs. If you don’t want to advertise that you have fillings in your teeth, then let the professionals at Metropolitan Dental Center help you. We offer tooth-colored fillings that match your teeth’s natural color, so your teeth don’t call attention to past cavities. These fillings can strengthen a tooth and keep it functional for many years.  

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